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Thema: miscellaneous

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Softly, in the dusk, a woman is singing to me;
Taking me back down the vista of years, till I see
A child sitting under the piano, in the boom of the tingling strings
And pressing the small, poised feet of a mother who smiles as she sings.

In spite of myself, the insidious mastery of song
Betrays me back, till the heart of me weeps to belong
To the old Sunday evenings at home, with winter outside
And hymns in the cosy parlour, the tinkling piano our guide.

So now it is vain for the singer to burst into clamour
With the great black piano appassionato. The glamour
Of childish days is upon me, my manhood is cast
Down in the flood of remembrance, I weep like a child for the past.

© The Viking Press / William Heinemann, 1964/1971.

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De bundel bevat de onderstaande gedichten:
• ‘A la Manière de D.H. Lawrence’; ‘Absolute Reference’; ‘Abysmal Immortality’; ‘After All Saints’ Day’; ‘After All the Tragedies Are Over’; ‘After Dark’; ‘After Many Days’; ‘After School’; ‘After the Opera’; ‘Ah, Muriel!´; ´Ah, with This Blessing Bright on Thy Mouth and Thy Brow´; ´All I Ask´; ´All-knowing´; ´All of Roses´; ´All Sorts of Gods´; ´All Souls’; ‘All Souls’ Day’; ‘All That We Have Is Life’; ‘Almond Blossom’; ‘Aloof in Gaiety’; ‘Altercation’; ‘Always This Paying’; ‘American Eagle, The’; ‘Amo Sacrum Vulgus’; ‘Amour’; ‘Anaxagoras’; ‘And Jude the Obscure and His Beloved’; ‘And oh – That the Man I Am Might Cease to Be –‘; ‘Andraitx - Pomegranate Flowers’; ‘Another Ophelia’; ‘Apostrophe to a Buddhist Monk’; ‘Appeal, The’; ‘Are You Pining?’ ’Argonauts, The’; ‘Aristocracy of the Sun’; ‘As for Me, I’m a Patriot’; ‘As Thyself’; ‘Ass, The’; ‘Assuming the Burden’; ‘Astronomical Changes’; ‘At a Loose End’; ‘At Last’; ‘At Midnight’; ‘At the Bank in Spain’; ‘At the Cearne’; ‘At the Front’; ‘At the Window’; ‘Attack, The’; ‘Attila’; ‘August Holidays’; ‘Auto-da-Fé’; ‘Autumn at Taos’; ‘Autumn Rain’; ‘Autumn Sunshine’; ‘Aware’;
• ‘Baby Asleep after Pain, A’; ‘Baby-Movements’; ‘Baby Running Barefoot, A’ (2); ‘Baby Songs Ten Months Old’; ‘Baby Tortoise’; ‘Bad Beginning, A’; ‘Ballad of a Wilful Woman’; ‘Ballad of Another Ophelia’; ‘Bare Almond Trees’; ‘Bare Fig-Trees’; ‘Basta!’; ‘Bat’; ‘Bathing Resort’; ‘Battle of Life’; ‘Bavarian Gentians’ (2); ‘Bawdy Can Be Sane’; ‘Be a Demon!’; ‘Be It So’; ‘Be Still!’; ‘Beautiful Old Age’; ‘Behaviour’; ‘Bei Hennef’; ‘Being Alive’; ‘Belief’; ‘Bells’; ‘Beloved’; ‘Bereavement’; ‘Best of School, The’; ‘Beware, O My Dear Young Men’; ‘Beware of the Unhappy Dead!’; ‘Beyond the Rockies’; ‘Bibbles’; ‘Birdcage Walk’; ‘Birth Night’; ‘Birthday’; ‘Bits’; ‘Blank’; ‘Blue Jay, The’; ‘Blueness’; ‘Bodiless God; ‘Body of God, The’; ‘Bombardment’; ‘Boredom, Ennui, Depression’; ‘Both Sides of the Medal’; ‘Boundary Stone, The’; ‘Bourgeois and Bolshevist’; ‘Bowls’; ‘Bread upon the Waters’; ‘Breath of Life, The’ (2); ‘Bride, The’; ‘Britannia’s Baby’; ‘British Boy, The’; ‘British Sincerity’; ‘British Workman and the Government, The’; ‘Broadcasting to the G.B.P.’; Brooding Grief’; ‘Brother and Sister’; ‘But I Say unto You: Love One Another’; ‘Butterfly’;
• ‘Cabbage Roses’’; ‘Call into Death’; ‘Campions’; ‘Can’t Be Borne’; ‘Canvassing for the Election’; ‘Casualty’; ‘Censors’ (2); ‘Cerebral Emotions’; ‘Change’; ‘Change of Government’; ‘Change of Life’; ‘Chastity’; ‘Cherry Robbers’; ‘Chief Mystery, The’; ‘Child and the Soldier, The’; ‘Children Singing in School’; ‘Chimaera’; ‘Choice’; ‘Choice of Evils’; ‘Church, The’; ‘City-Life’; ‘Classes’; ‘Climb Down, O Lordly Mind’; ‘Climbing Down’; ‘Climbing Up’; ‘Clydesider’; ‘Cold Blood’; ‘Coldness in Love’; ‘Collier’s Wife, The’; ‘Combative Spirit, The’; ‘Come Spring, Come Sorrow’; ‘Coming of Quetzalcoatl, The’; ‘Commandments’; ‘Compari’; ‘Conceit’; ‘Conscience’; ‘Conundrums’; ‘Corot’ (2); ‘Correspondence in After Years’; ‘Courage’; ‘Cowardice and Impudence’; ‘Cowards’; ‘Craving for Spring’; ‘Cross, The’; ‘Cry of the Masses, The’; ‘Cups,’; ‘Cypresses’;
• ‘Daddy-Do-Nothing’; ‘Dark Satanic Mills’; ‘Daughter of the Great Man’; ‘Dawn Verse, The’; ‘Dead People’; ‘Deadly Victorian, The’; ‘Death’; ‘Death Is Not Evil, Evil Is Mechanical’; ‘Death of Our Era’; ‘Death of the Baron, The’; ‘December Night’; ‘Decision, A’; ‘Deeper than Love’ (2); ‘Deepest Sensuality, The’; ‘Delight of Being Alone’; ‘Demiurge’; ‘Democracy’; ‘Democracy Is Service’; ‘Demon Justice’; ‘Departure’; ‘Desire’; ‘Desire Goes Down into the Sea’; ‘Desire Is Dead’; ‘Destiny’; ‘Dies Illa’; ‘Dies Irae’; ‘Difference, The’; ‘Difficult Death’; ‘Disagreeable Advice’; ‘Discipline’ (2); ‘Discord in Childhood’; ‘Dissolute’; ‘Doe at Evening, A’; ‘Dog-Tired’; ‘Dolour of Autumn’; ‘Dominant Woman’; ‘Don Juan’; ‘Don’t Look at Me’; ‘Don’ts’; ‘Doors’; ‘Drained Cup, The’; ‘Drama, A’; ‘Drawing-Room’; ‘Dream-Confused’; ‘Dreams Old and Nascent: Old’ (2); ‘Dreams Old and Nascent: Nascent’ (2); ‘Drill in the Heat’; ‘Drunk’; ‘Dust in the East’;
• ‘Eagle in New Mexico’ (2); ‘Early Spring’; ‘Editorial Office’; ‘Effort of Love, The’; ‘Ego-Bound’; ‘Ego-Bound Women’; ‘Egoists, The’; ‘Elderly Discontented Women’; ‘Elegy’; ‘Elemental’; ‘Elements, The’; ‘Elephant’; ‘Elephant Is Slow to Mate, The’; ‘Elephants in the Circus’; ‘Elephants Plodding’; ‘Elixir’; ‘Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani?’; ‘Elysium’; ‘Emasculation’; ‘Embankment at Night, before the War: Charity’; ‘Embankment at Night, before the War: Outcasts’; ‘Emotional Friend, The’; ‘Emotional Lies’; ‘En Masse’; ‘End, The’; ‘End of Another Home Holiday’; ‘End, the Beginning, The’; ‘Endless Anxiety’; ‘Energetic Woman’; ‘England in 1929’; ‘English Are So Nice! The'; ’Enkindled Spring, The’; ‘Erinnyes’; ‘Erotic’; ‘Escape’; ‘Eve’; ‘Evening Land, The’; ‘Everlasting Flowers for a Dead Mother’; ‘Evil Is Homeless’; ‘Evil World-Soul, The’; ‘Excursion Train’;
• ‘Factory Cities, The’; ‘Failure, A’; ‘Fall of Day, The’; ‘Fallen Leaves’; ‘False Democracy and Real’; ‘Fatality’; ‘Fate and the Younger Generation’; ‘Fatigue’; ‘Fear of Society Is the Root of All Evil’; ‘Fellow-Men’; ‘Female Coercing’; ‘Fidelity’; ‘Fight! O My Young Men’; ‘Figs’; ‘Film Passion’; ‘Finding Your Level’; ‘Fire’ (2); ‘Fireflies in the Corn’ (2); ‘Firelight and Nightfall’; ‘First Morning’; ‘Fish’; ‘Flapper’; ‘Flapper Vote’; ‘Flat-foot’s Song’; ‘Flat Suburbs, S.W., in the Morning’; ‘Flowers and Men’; ‘Food of the North’; ‘For a Moment’; ‘For All That’; ‘For the Heroes Are Dipped in Scarlet’; ‘Forecast’; ‘Foreign Sunset’; ‘Forget’; ‘Forsaken and Forlorn’; ‘Forte dei Marmi’; ‘Four, The’; ‘Free Will’; ‘Fresh Water’; ‘Frohnleichnam’; ‘From a College Window’; ‘Frost Flowers’; ‘Full Life’; ‘Furniture’; ‘Future Relationships’; ‘Future Religion’; ‘Future States’; ‘Future War’;
• ‘Gazelle Calf, The’; ‘Gentleman, The’; ‘Giorno dei Morti’; ‘Gipsy’; ‘Girl in Cairo, The’; ‘Give Me a Sponge’; ‘Give Us Gods’; ‘Give Us the Thebaïd’; ‘Gladness of Death’; ‘Glimpses’; ‘Gloire de Dijon’; ‘Glory’; ‘Glory of Darkness’ (2); ‘God’; ‘God and the Holy Ghost’; ‘God Is Born’; ‘Gods’; ‘Gods! The Gods!, The’; ‘Goethe and Pose’; ‘Going Back’; ‘Good Husbands Make Unhappy Wives’; ‘Goodnight’; ‘Grapes’; ‘Grasshopper Is a Burden’; ‘Great Newspaper Editor to His Subordinate, The’; ‘Greeks Are Coming!, The’; ‘Green’; ‘Grey Evening’; ‘Grey Nurse, The’; ‘Grief’ (2); ‘Gross, Coarse, Hideous’; ‘Grudge of the Old, The’; ‘Guards’; ‘Guelder Roses’; ‘Gulf, The’;
• ‘Half-Blind, The’; ‘Hands of God, The’; ‘Hands of the Betrothed, The’; ‘Hard-boiled Conservatives’; ‘Hark in the Dusk!’; ‘Have Done with It’; ‘Healing’; ‘Heart of Man, The’; ‘He-Goat’; ‘Henriette’; ‘Hibiscus and Salvia Flowers’; ‘Hills, The’; ‘Him with His Tail in His Mouth’; ‘History’; ‘Hold Back!’; ‘Honeymoon’; ‘Hostile Sun, The’; ‘Houseless Dead, The’; ‘How Beastly the Bourgeois Is’; ‘Huitzilopochtli, Three Songs’; ‘Huitzilopochtli Gives the Black Blade of Death’; ‘Huitzilopochtli’s Watch’; ’Human Face, The’; ‘Humanity Needs Pruning’; ‘Humiliation’; ‘Humility’; ‘Humility Mongers’; ‘Humming-Bird’; ‘Hyde Park at Night before the War’; ‘Hymn to Nothingness’; ‘Hymn to Priapus’;
• ‘I Am in a Novel’; ‘I Am like a Rose’; ‘I Dare Do All’; ‘I Heard Her Say’; ‘I Know a Noble Englishman’; ‘I Wish I Knew a Woman’; ‘If You Are a Man’; ‘Ignoble Procession, The’; ‘Image-Making Love’; ‘Immoral Man’; ‘Immorality’ (2); ‘Impulse’; ‘In a Boat’; ‘In a Spanish Tram-car’; ‘In Church’; ‘In Nottingham’; ‘In the Cities’; ‘In the Dark’; ‘In Trouble and in Shame’; ‘Inheritance, The’; ‘Initiation to the Moon’; ‘Innocent England’; ‘Intimates’; ‘Invocation to the Moon’; ‘Irreverent Thoughts’; ‘It’s Either You Fight or You Die’; ‘It’s No Good’;
• ‘Jealousy’; ‘Jesus’ Farewell’; ‘Jeune Fille, The’; ‘Jewess and the V.C., The’;
• ‘Kangaroo’; ‘Keep It up’; ‘Kill Money’; ‘Kiss, A’; ‘Kisses in the Train’; ‘Kissing and Horrid Strife’; ‘Know-All’; ‘Know Deeply, Know Thyself More Deeply’; ‘Know Thyself’; ‘Know Thyself, and That Thou Art Mortal’;
• ‘Labour Battalion’; ‘Lady Wife’; ‘Land-Worker’; ‘Last Hours’; ‘Last Lesson of the Afternoon’; ‘Last Minute, The’; ‘Last Words to Miriam’ (2); ‘Last Words to Muriel’; ‘Late at Night’; ‘Late War, The’; ‘Latent Desire, The’; ‘Latter-Day Sinners’; ‘Laughter’; ‘Leave Sex Alone’; ‘Leaves of Grass, Flowers of Grass’; ‘Leda’; ‘Let the Dead Bury Their Dead’; ‘Let There Be Light!’; ‘Let Us Be Men’; ‘Let Us Talk, Let Us Laugh’; ‘Letter from Town: On a Grey Morning in March’; ‘Letter from Town: The Almond Tree’; ‘Liaison’; ‘Liberty’s Old Story’; ‘Lies’; ‘Lies about Love’; ‘Life and the Human Consciousness’; ‘Lightning’ (2); ‘Like the Green Candles of Malintzi’; ‘Lilies in the Fire’; ‘Listen to the Band!’; ‘Listening’; ‘Litany of Grey Nurses’; ‘Little-Boy Brilliant’; ‘Little Fish’; ‘Little Town at Evening, The’; ‘Little Wowser, The’; ‘Living, A’; ‘Living Quetzalcoatl, The’; ‘Lizard’; ‘Loggerheads’; ‘London Mercury’; ‘Loneliness’; Lonely, Lonesome, Loney-O!’; ‘Lord of the Morning Star’; ‘Lord Tennyson and Lord Melchett’; ‘Lords of Life Are the Masters of Death, The’; ‘Lord’s Prayer’; ‘Loss’; ‘Lotus and Frost’; ‘Love’; ‘Love as an Escape’; ‘Love Comes Late’; ‘Love on the Farm’; ‘Love Message’; ‘Love-Passage, A’; ‘Love-Song, A’; ‘Love Storm’; ‘Love Thy Neighbour’; ‘Lucifer’ (2); ‘Lucky Little Britisher’; ‘Lui et Elle’;
• ‘Magnificent Democracy’; ‘Maiden’s Prayer’; ‘Malade’; ‘Man, A’; ‘Man and Bat’; ‘Man at Play on the River, A’; ‘Man Hauling a Wagon’; ‘Man in the Street, The’; ‘Man Is More than Homo Sapiens’; ‘Man of Tyre, The’; ‘Man Reaches a Point’; ‘Man Who Died, A’; ‘Mana of the Sea’; ‘Manifesto’; ‘Man and Machine’; ‘Man’s Image’; ‘Many Mansions’; ‘Married in June’; ‘Martyr à la Mode’; ‘Masses and Classes’; ‘Maximus’; ‘Maybe’; ‘Mediterranean in January’; ‘Medlars and Sorb-Apples’; ‘Meeting among the Mountains’; ‘Men and Women’; ‘Men Are Not Bad –‘; ‘Men in New Mexico’; ‘Men like Gods’ (2); ‘Mesopotamia’; ‘Mess of Love, The’; ‘Message to a Perfidious Soldier’; ‘Metal for Resistance’; ‘Michael-Angelo’ (2); ‘Mid-day Verse, The’; ‘Middle-Class Children’; ‘Middle of the World’; ‘Mills of God, The’; ‘Minorities in Danger’; ‘Misery’; ‘Modern Prayer’; ‘Modern Problems’; ‘Money’; ‘Money-Madness’; ‘Monologue of a Mother’; ‘Moon Memory’; ‘Moon New-Risen’; ‘Moonrise’; ‘Moral Clothing’; ‘Morality’ (2); ‘Morning Work’; ‘Mosquito, The’; ‘Mosquito Knows, The’; ‘Moth and Rust’; ‘Mother’s Son in Salonika’; ‘Mountain Lion’; ‘Mournful Young Man –‘; ‘Mourning’; ‘Mowers, The’; ‘Mr Squire’; ‘Multitudes’; ‘Munitions’; ‘Murder’; ‘Murderous Weapons’; ‘Mutilation’; ‘My Enemy’; ‘My Little Critics’; ‘My Name Is Jesus’; ‘My Native Land’; ‘My Naughty Book’; ‘My Way Is Not Thy Way’; ‘Mystery’; ‘Mystic’;
• ‘Name the Gods!’; ‘Narcissus’; ‘Natural Complexions’; ‘Near the Mark’; ‘Neither Moth nor Rust’; ‘Nemesis’; ‘Neptune’s Little Affair with Freedom’; ‘New Brooms’; ‘New Heaven and Earth’; ‘New Houses, New Clothes’; ‘New Moon’; ‘New Word, The’; ‘New Year’s Eve’; ‘New Year’s Night’; ‘Next Morning’; ‘Night’; ‘Night Songs’; ‘No Joy in Life’; ‘No! Mr Lawrence!’; ‘No News’; ‘Noble’; ‘Noble Englishman, The’; ‘Noise of Battle’; ‘Noli me Tangere’; ‘Nonentity’; ‘Non-Existence’; ‘North Country, The’; ‘Nostalgia’; ‘Nothing to Save’; ‘Nottingham’s New University’; ‘November by the Sea’; ‘Now It’s Happened’; ‘Nullus’;
• ‘O! Americans’; ‘O! Start a Revolution’; ‘Obscenity’; ‘Obsequial Ode’; ‘Oh Wonderful Machine!’; ‘Old Archangels’; ‘Old Idea of Sacrifice, The’; ‘Old Men’; ‘Old Orchard, The’; ‘Old People’; ‘Old Song’; ‘On and On and On’; ‘On that Day’; ‘On the Balcony’; ‘On the March’; ‘On the Road’; ‘One Woman to All Women’; ‘Only Man’; ‘Only the Best Matters’; ‘Optimist, The’; ‘Other Women Have Reared in Me’; ‘Our Day Is Over’; ‘Our Moral Age’; ‘Oxford Voice, The’;
• ‘Painter’s Wife, The’; ‘Paltry-looking People’; ‘Pang of Reminiscence, A’; ‘Paradise Re-entered’; ‘Parliament Hill in the Evening’; ‘Passing-Bell, A’; Passing Visit to Helen’; ‘Pax’; ‘Peace’; ‘Peace and War’; ‘Peach’; ‘Peacock’; ‘Pear-Blossom’; ‘People’ (2); ‘People Who Care’; ‘Phoenix’; ‘Physician, The’; ‘Piano’’; ‘Piano, The’; ‘Piccadilly Circus at Night’; ‘Pietà’; ‘Played-out Game, A’; ‘Poison’; ‘Police Spies’; ‘Pomegranate’; ‘Poor Bit of a Wench!’; ‘Poor Young Things’; ‘Portraits’; ‘Prayer’; ‘Prestige’; ‘Primal Passions, The’; ‘Prisoner at Work in a Turkish Garden’; ‘Prisoner at Work in the Rain’; ‘Proper Pride’; ‘Property and No-Property’; ‘Property Question, The’; ‘Prophet’; ‘Prophet in the Rose Garden, The’; ‘Protestant Churches, The’; ‘Punisher’; ‘Purple Anemones’; ‘Puss-Puss!’;
• ‘Question’; ‘Quetzalcoatl Looks down on Mexico’; ‘Quite Forsaken’;
• ‘Rabbit Snared in the Night’; ‘Race and Battle’; ‘Rainbow’; ‘Rainbow, The’; ‘Rallying-Point’; ‘Reach Over’; ‘Reading a Letter’; ‘Reading in the Evening’; ‘Real Democracy’; ‘Reality of Peace, 1916’; ‘Rebuked’; ‘Red’; ‘Red Geranium and Godly Mignonette’; ‘Red-Herring’; ‘Red Moon-Rise’; ‘Red Wolf, The’; ‘Refused Friendship’; ‘Relativity’; ‘Release’; ‘Religion’; ‘Reminder’; ‘Renaissance’; ‘Renascence’; ‘Repulsed’; ‘Restlessness’; ‘Resurrection’; ‘Resurrection of the Flesh’; ‘Retort to Jesus’; ‘Retort to Whitman’; ‘Return’; ‘Return of Returns’; ‘Revolution as Such’; ‘Revolutionary, The’; ‘Riches’; ‘Rise in the World, A’; ‘Risen Lord, The’; ‘River Roses’; ‘Robot-Democracy’; ‘Robot Feelings’; ‘Rondeau of a Conscientious Objector’; ‘Root of Our Evil, The’; ‘Rose and Cabbage’; ‘Rose Is Not a Cabbage, A’; ‘Rose of All the World’; ‘Rose of England, The’; ‘Roses’; ‘Roses on the Breakfast Table’; ‘Ruination’;
• ‘Saddest Day, The’; ‘Salt’; ‘Salt of the Earth’; ‘Salvation’; ‘Sane and Insane’; ‘Sane Revolution, A’; ‘Sane Universe, The’; ‘Satisfaction’; ‘Scent of Irises’; ‘School on the Outskirts’; ‘Schoolmaster, The’ (2); ‘Scientific Doctor, The’; ‘Sea, The’; ‘Sea, the Sea, The’; ‘Sea-Bathers’; ‘Sea-Weed’; ‘Search for Love’; ‘Search for Truth’; ‘Secret Waters, The’; Seekers’; ‘Self-Conscious People’; Self-Contempt’; Self-Pity’; ‘Self-Protection’; Self-Sacrifice’ (2); ‘Sense of Truth’; ‘Separated’; ‘Service’; ‘Seven Seals’; ‘Sex and Trust’; ‘Sex Isn’t Sin’; ‘Sex Won’t Work’; ‘Shades’; ‘Shadow of Death, The’; ‘Shadows’; ‘She-Goat’; ‘She Looks Back’; ‘She Said as Well to Me’; ‘She Was a Good Little Wife’; ‘Shedding of Blood’; ‘Ship of Death’; ‘Ship of Death, The’ (2); ‘Ships in Bottles’; ‘Shows’; ‘Sicilian Cyclamens’; ‘Sick’; ‘Sickness’; ‘Side-step, O Sons of Men!’; ‘Sigh No More’; ‘Sighs’; ‘Sight of God, The’; ‘Sign of the Times’; ‘Silence’ (2); ‘Sinners’; ‘Sleep and Waking’; ‘Sleep on’ (2); ‘Snake’; ‘Snap-Dragon’ (2); ‘Snowy Day at School, A’ (2); ‘So Let Me Live’; ‘So There!’; ‘Softly Then, Softly’; ‘Solomon’s Baby’; ‘Someone Will Enter between the Gates’; ‘Son of the Morning Star’; ‘Song’; ‘Song-Day in Autumn’; ‘Song of a Man Who Has Come Through, The’; ‘Song of a Man Who Is Loved’ (2); ‘Song of a Man Who Is Not Loved’; ‘Song of Death’ (2); ‘Song of Don Ramón, The’; ‘Song of the Dead’; ‘Song of the Grey Dog, The’; ‘Song to the Tune of ‘La Cucaracha’; ‘Songs I Learnt at School’; ‘Sorrow’; ‘Souls to Save’; ‘Southern Night’; ‘Space’; ‘Spanish Privilege’; ‘Spanish Wife, The’; ‘Sphinx’; ‘Spilling the Salt’; ‘Spiral Flame’; ‘Spirits Summoned West’; ‘Spiritual Woman, A’; ‘Spray’; ‘Spring Morning’; ‘St George and the Dragon’; ‘St John’’; ‘St Luke’; ‘St Mark’; ‘St Matthew’; ‘Stand Up!’; ‘Stoic’; ‘Stop It’; ‘Storm in the Black Forest’; ‘Street Lamps’; ‘Strife’; ‘Study’; ‘Submergence’; ‘Suburbs on a Hazy Day’; ‘Sun in Me’; ‘Sun-Men’; ‘Sun-Women’; ‘Sunday Afternoon in Italy’; ‘Sunset’; ‘Sunset Verse, The’; ‘Suspense’’; ‘Swan’; ‘Swing Song of a Girl and a Soldier’; ‘Sympathy’;
• ‘Tabernacle’; ‘Tale Told by an Idiot, A’; ‘Tales’; ‘Talk’; ‘Talk of Faith’; ‘Talk of Loyalty’; ‘Tarantella’; ‘Tarts’; ‘Tease’; ‘Temples’; ‘Tender Reverence’; ‘Terra Incognita’; ‘There Are No Gods’; ‘There Are Too Many People’; ‘There Is No Way Out’; ‘There Is Rain in Me’; ‘There Was a Gay Bird Named Christine’; ‘These Clever Women’; ‘They Say the Sea Is Loveless’; ‘Thief in the Night’; ‘Things Made by Iron’; ‘Things Men Have Made’; ‘’Think -!’; ‘Third Thing, The’; ’13 Pictures’; ’13,000 People’; ‘Thomas Earp’; ‘Thought’; ‘To a Certain Friend’; ‘To Be Superior’; ‘To Clarinda’; ‘To Let Go or to Hold on - ?’; ‘To Lettice, My Sister’; ‘To Pino’; ‘To Toss the Troubled Night Long’; ‘To Women, as Far as I’m Concerned’; ‘Today’; ‘Tolerance’; ‘Tommies in the Train’; ‘Tortoise Family Connections’; ‘Tortoise Gallantry’; ‘Tortoise Shell’; ‘Tortoise Shout’; ‘Touch’; ‘Touch Comes’; ‘Tourists’; ‘Town in 1917’; ‘Tragedy’; ‘Trailing Clouds’; ‘Train at Night, A’; ‘Train, The’; ‘Traitors’; ‘Transformations’; ‘Travel Is Over’; ‘Trees in the Garden’; ‘Triumph’; ‘Triumph of the Machine, The’ (2); ‘Tropic’; ‘Troth with the Dead’; ‘True Democracy’; ‘True Love at Last’; ‘Trust’; ‘Turkey-Cock’; ‘Turned Down’; ‘Twenty Years Ago’; ‘Twilight’ (3);’’Two Fragments of Sleep’; ‘Two Performing Elephants;’; ‘Two Ways of Living and Dying’; ‘Two Wives’; ‘Two-fold’; ‘Twofold’;
• ‘Ultimate Reality’; ‘Under the Oak’; ‘Underneath’; ‘Unhappy Souls’; ‘Universe Flows, The’; ‘Up He Goes!’; ‘Uprooted, The’;
• ‘Valentine’s Night’; ‘Vengeance Is Mine’; ‘Vibration of Justice’; ‘Vicar’s Son’; ‘Violets’ (2); ‘Violets for the Dead’; ‘Virgin Mother, The’; ‘Virgin Youth’ (2); ‘Vitality’; ‘Volcanic Venus’;
• ‘Wages’; ‘Walk Wearily’; ‘Wandering Cosmos, The’; ‘War-Baby’; ‘Way Out, The’; ‘We Are Transmitters’; ‘We Can’t Be Too Careful’; ‘We Die Together’; ‘We Have Gone Too Far’; ‘Wealth’; ‘Wedding Morn’; ‘Wedlock’; ‘Weeknight Service’; ‘Welcome Death’; ‘Welcome to Quetzalcoatl’; ‘Well in Africa, The’; ‘Wellsian Features’; ‘Whales Weep Not!’; ‘What Ails Thee!’; ‘What Are the Gods?’; ‘What Are the Wild Waves Saying?’ ‘What Do I Care?’; ‘What Does She Want?’; ‘What Have They Done to You? (2); ‘What Is a Man to Do?’; ‘What Is He?’; ‘What Is Man without an Income?’; ‘What Matters’; ‘What Quetzalcoatl Saw in Mexico’; ‘What’s Sane and What Isn’t –‘; ‘What’s to Be Done?’; ‘What’s Wrong’; ‘What Then Is Evil?’; ‘What Would You Fight for?’; ‘Whatever Man Makes’; ‘When I Read Shakespeare’’; ‘When I Went to the Circus’; ‘When I Went to the Film’; ‘When Most Men Die’; ‘When Satan Fell’; ‘When the Ripe Fruit Falls’; ‘When Wilt Thou Teach the People -?’; ‘Whether or Not’ (2); ‘White Blossom, A’; ‘Why -?’; ‘White Horse, The’; ‘Why Does She Weep?’; ‘Wild Common, The’ (2); ‘Wild Things in Captivity’; ‘Willy Wet-Leg’; ‘Wind, the Rascal, The’ (2); ‘Winter Dawn’; ‘Winter in the Boulevard’; ‘Winter-Lull’; ‘Winter’s Tale, A’; ‘Witch, The’ (2); ‘Woe’; ‘Women Want Fighters for Their Lovers’; ’Wonderful Spiritual Woman’; ‘Won’t It Be Strange -?’; ‘Work’ (2); ‘Work of Creation, The’; ‘Working Man, The’; ‘Worm Either Way’; ‘Worms Turns, The’; ‘Worship’;
• ‘Yew-Tree on the Downs, The’; ‘You’; ‘Young and Their Moral Guardians, The’; ‘Young Are Not Greedy, The’; ‘Young Are Not Mean in Material Things, The’; ‘Young Fathers’; ‘Young Soldiers with Bloody Spurs, The’; ‘Young Want to Be Just, The’; ‘Young Wife, A’; ‘Youth Mowing, A’;
• ‘Zeppelin Nights’.

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ERK Niveau:

D. H. Lawrence

Jaar van uitgave:

Aantal pagina's:

Tijd waarin het verhaal zich afspeelt:

Plaats van handeling:
Meerdere plaatsen

Een dichtbundel met daarin alle gedichten van D.H. Lawrence.

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Het boek - onderwerp


De bundel ‘The Complete Poems’ is in vrij simpele taal geschreven. Er staan gedichten in die iedereen kan begrijpen. De spreektaal van de poëzie maakt de gedichten heel toegankelijk.


‘The Complete Poems’ bevat alle gedichten van D.H. Lawrence, een schrijver die met name bekend werd als auteur van korte verhalen en romans. In zijn korte leven schreef hij ongelooflijk veel – ook gedichten. Die gedichten gaan heel vaak over vele plekken waar hij (korte of langere tijd) woonde: het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Duitsland, Italië, Frankrijk, Ceylon, de USA (New Mexico) en Mexico.

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Het boek - Moeilijkheid


De taal van ‘The Complete Poems’ is over het algemeen heel eenvoudig. Er is weinig rijm of een strak metrum. De gedichten lezen vaak als spreektaal.


Qua taal is de bundel heel toegankelijk.
Dat geldt zeker ook voor de gedichten zelf. Ze zijn vrijwel zonder uitzondering heel verhalend.
Op basis van deze eigenschappen is ‘The Complete Poems’ een boek met een literair niveau C 4c en een taal-(ERK-)niveau B2.


De gedichten zijn in een heel toegankelijke, eenvoudige vorm geschreven.

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Het boek - het verhaal


‘The Complete Poems’ bevat gedichten met weinig actie.


De gebeurtenissen in de bundel spelen zich af in de jaren 1900-1930.


De setting van ‘The Complete Poems’ is meerdere plaatsen. Het zijn gedichten over de landen/continenten waar Lawrence ooit woonde: Europa (Engeland, Frankrijk, Italië, Griekenland), Azië (Ceylon), Australië, Amerika (USA, Mexico).


Er zijn veel verschillende verhaallijnen in ‘The Complete Poems’.


De dichtbundel heeft ik-vertellers en auctoriale vertellers.

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Het boek - de karakters


De hoofdkarakters in ‘The Complete Poems’ zijn:
• De ik-verteller, de dichter;
• Geliefden, familieleden en vrienden van de dichter.


De belangrijkste bijfiguren in ‘The Complete Poems’ zijn:
• ‘Gewone mensen’; die vaak het slachtoffer zijn van de omstandigheden;
• Machthebbers: politiek, financieel, religieus;
• Dieren, planten of andere manifestaties van de natuur.

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Het boek - verder


De gedichten uit ‘The Complete Poems’ zijn niet verfilmd.


‘The Complete Poems’ is een bundel die door Lawrence nooit werd gepubliceerd: hij kwam meer dan dertig jaar na diens dood uit. Het is een bundel van eerdere dichtbundels van Mr Lawrence, aangevuld met ongepubliceerd werk.

Die bundels waren:

‘Rhyming Poems’
‘Unrhyming Poems’
‘More Poems’
‘Last Poems’

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Auteur en Werken

Link naar pagina over auteur
-->Informatie over D. H. Lawrence.



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Als je dit een mooi boek vond, zou je ook kunnen lezen:
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New Selected Poems 1966-1987 van Seamus Heaney

Virgin Youth

Now and again
All my body springs alive,
And the life that is polarised in my eyes,
That quivers between my eyes and mouth,
Flies like a wild thing across my body,
Leaving my eyes half-empty, and clamorous,
Filling my still breasts with a flush and a flame,
Gathering the soft ripples below my breasts
Into urgent, passionate waves,
And my soft, slumbering belly
Quivering awake with one impulse of desire,
Gathers itself fiercely together;
And my docile, fluent arms
Knotting themselves with wild strength
To clasp - what they have never clasped.
Then I tremble, and go trembling
Under the wild, strange tyranny of my body,
Till it has spent itself,
And the relentless nodality of my eyes reasserts itself,
Till the bursten flood of life ebbs back to my eyes,
Back from my beautiful, lonely body
Tired and unsatisfied. (p.896)

Vragen over het boek:

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4. ‘Virgin Youth’

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